What We Do


To simply state it, we do a lot. We can transport your automobile from Luxemburg to Rio de Janeiro, Chicago to Bejing, or Miami to California. We offer services ranging from simple open and enclosed auto transport to boat hauling and international motorcycle shipping. If you have something that needs to be moved from one place to another, give us a call – we most likely have the tools and experience to move it – and for a fair price too.

Our services are comprehensive and affordable. We offer extremely competitive pricing, often lower than the competitor, while providing service that receives unparalleled consumer praise. Our outstanding reputation is evidence of this. If you need to ship your 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback across the country or your new Mastercraft to your summer home on a lake in Montana, we can help with affordable prices and the friendliest, most useful customer service you’ve ever encountered.


Open Transport

Open transport is the most common shipping method for transporting cars. You’ll often see this trailers being pulled by a semi-truck down the interstate. This service is affordable, reliable, and most commonly chosen by our clients. As you’ll notice, the only distinguishable disadvantage to shipping your car on an open trailer is the possible elements your automobile may face. Rocks, although rare, can fly up and make small scratches in paint, and vehicles are more susceptible to theft when the trailer is parked. These negative aspects to open transport seldom occur; however, cannot be overlooked when transporting a vehicle.

Enclosed transport

enclosed-auto-transport2Enclosed transport is a more expensive method of shipping vehicles; however, it acts more as an insurance policy for more expensive automobiles. Our common clients for this service include luxury and exotic car owners, auction houses, high-end car dealerships and manufacturers, and classic car owners. If you’re shipping a vehicle of high value, we suggest utilizing and enclosed trailer to prevent the possibility of costly scratches in paint and effects of weathering caused by exposure to the outside environment.