Enclosed Transport

Are you shipping an expensive, precious, or otherwise valuable vehicle? If so, enclosed transport is the most viable option for you.



Enclosed auto transport is an effective, safe method of transporting a vehicle that is of upmost importance or value. Enclosed auto transport, unlike open auto transport, ensures a vehicle will be delivered free of damage caused by the elements or exposure to the outside world such as paint scratches caused by rocks flying up on the road, theft, and inclement weather.

Enclosed transport is a popular option if you’re transporting a luxury, exotic, or classic vehicle. Our most common clientele for this service include auction houses, high-end dealers and manufacturers, luxury, exotic, and classic car owners, and car collectors. We understand how much value both monetary and sentimentally a vehicle can hold, and we take this into account when transporting your vehicle.

Our enclosed auto transport drivers are highly qualified and trained. They are by far the most experienced and skillful on the road, and treat your vehicles with the upmost respect. Our drivers are car enthusiasts, and take to heart their job and the reputation Tropical Auto Transport has earned with clients of high-end automobiles.

Our enclosed trailers often transport only one vehicle; however, some come with the option to transport two. This low quantity of load allows for extra attention for your vehicle throughout the transportation process. We work hard to make sure your experience is unique and individualized – making sure you receive our undivided attention throughout the process.

With our enclosed auto transport services comes tracking, which allows you to check the progress of your transport via your computer or mobile device.

On board our enclosed trailers is the most up-to-date technologies to ensure the most gentle yet secure transportation experience for your vehicle. You can rest assured knowing that your car is in good hands.

If you’re ready to get a quote for enclosed auto transport, give us a call now! Our team is standing by!